Deering Community Information

Deering was originally part of Cumberland or the Society Land, the portion of land which had been set aside for the Masonian Proprietors. In 1774 settlers petitioned Governor John Wentworth, the last provincial governor of New Hampshire, for township status. The governor granted the request, giving the town the family name of his wife, Frances Deering Wentworth. Frances Wentworth's first husband was Theodore Atkinson, son of Masonian Proprietor Colonel Atkinson. At the time of the Revolution, the Wentworths left for Nova Scotia, then went to England, where Frances became a lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III.

Today, Deering is a small rural community of approximately 1,900 people, situated in Hillsboro County. It is approximately 31 square miles in size and has one state owned road running through it: Route 149.  Welcome to Deering, we hope you'll come back soon.