Fire Department Study Committee

The Deering ad hoc Fire Department Study Committee is a technical review committee comprised of Deering professional staff and community members. The Select Board has charged the committee with identifying and prioritizing challenges for the Deering Fire Department and to present this information to the BOS.

Some of the responsibilities charged are to:

  1. Establish three Fire Department Staff, Town Administrator, BOS Representative and two Community Representatives to serve on the committee
  2. Identify challenges the Deering Fire Department is facing currently
  3. Propose multiple solutions to those problems each with defined financial impacts
  4. Host educational public hearings to explain the findings
  5. Educate and inform the Deering Selectboard on findings of the committee

Upon completion of these tasks, the ad hoc committee will be dissolved. The Fire Department Study Committee shall operate under the rules and regulations as defined by the NH RSA's and town ordinances.

Board Members

Name Title
Jeff LeBLanc Fire Chief
Julius Peel Town Administrator
Mike Stone Community Representative
Steve Diers Community Representative
Kris Parece Fire Department Staff
Pat Murdough Fire Department Staff
Roy Watson Selectman