Deering Police Department Profiles


Police Captain Thomas J. Cavanaugh, Radio #62

Captain Cavanaugh has been serving the residents of Deering as a part time Police Officer since February 2003. He was promoted to part time Captain in 2006. Captain Cavanaugh is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, where he spent over 27 years as a Criminal Investigator for the US Treasury Department. He is also a self-employed finish carpenter, and enjoys spending time with family boating on the lakes of NH during the summer. Captain Cavanaugh is assigned as the Second in Command of the Deering Police Department, is trained as a Police Prosecutor, and is assigned as the Court Liaison Officer to our Regional Prosecution Group. Captain Cavanaugh is also tasked with primary assignments to include Property and Evidence Control, and has received training in Fingerprint and Footprint Evidence Collection techniques. He is a Firearms and Use-of-Force Instructor.Captain Cavanaugh lives in Deering with his wife, and travels frequently to visit his children and grandchildren.

Police Officer Tyler Davy, Radio #63:

Officer Davy graduated from Hillsboro-Deering High School and Concord Regional Technical Center for courses in Criminal Justice. He has been a member of the Deering PD as a Hillcat Post 612 Police Cadet since 2014. While as a police cadet, he attended the NH Police Cadet Training Academy in 2014, 2016, and 2017. He now joins our ranks as a full time Police Officer. Officer Davy started his career in Deering as a part time Police Officer in 2019 and was promoted to full time in 2020. Officer Davy is a graduate of the 278th NH Part Time Police Academy. He obtained certifications in FEMA ICS 100 and 700, taser, baton, O.C. and firearms. He enjoys his time hiking, fishing, swimming, and spending time with family.

Administrative Assistant Trisha Whisman, Radio #61-A

Trisha joined the department as the administrative assistant after moving here from Alaska in 2017 and lives in Deering. She was in the Army and stationed at Ft. Richardson, Alaska and lived there for 17 years. Once honorably discharged from the Army, Trisha received her BA in Elementary Education and MA in Education Administration and taught at the local elementary school. Trisha and her husband William, enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, traveling, spending time with their 7 children and grandchildren, and are avid beekeepers. Since being in NH, Trisha has obtained an AAS from SNHU in Business Administration and is currently working on another MA in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on counter-terrorism. Trisha sees herself as a life-long learner and enjoys being a part of the Deering community.

Elfin Officer I.B. Coppin, Radio #1225

Officer I.B. Coppin, aka Officer Sparkles, joined the Deering Police Department as an Elfin Law Enforcement Auxiliary Officer in December 2016. He is assigned under Mutual Aid Agreement from the North Police Police Department, where he is assigned as member of the Elite Elfin Emergency Response Team. Each December, Officer I.B. Coppin is detailed to Deering to help Chief Pushee and the rest of the Department with spreading joy and good cheer. He is also tasked with making reports back to Santa at the North Pole on a regular basis, to help with the Naughty/Nice list, although Officer Sparkles usually errs on the side of "nice!"  Each Holiday season while Officer I.B. Coppin, aka Officer Sparkles is in Deering, he rides with various members of the Department on Patrol, learns about how Law Enforcement in Deering differs slightly from enforcing Elfin Laws in the North Pole, and he helps our Officers learn fundamentals of Cold Weather Policing and also having fun in the snow and blizzards when they come around. About a day or two after Christmas, once he has completed his "after-elfin" reports, Officer Sparkles says his good-byes and heads back to the North Pole for his 11 month vacation! Don't you wish you had a job that only required you work a month out of the year!

Civilian Reserve Volunteer James H. Hargreaves, Radio 612-A:

Civilian Reserve Volunteer Hargreaves has been serving the residents of Deering since September 2009, when he was hired as a Part Time Police Officer. Prior to this, CRV Hargreaves had been a Police Officer in Chester, NH, and a full time Police Officer in Derry, NH. He attended and was certified by the NH Police Academy in 2002. CRV Hargreaves grew up in law enforcement, starting his service as a teenager in the mid-1990s with the Derry Police Explorers. He is currently employed full time as a Diesel Technician/Shop Manager in Bow, NH, working primarily on tractor trailer and similar large diesel equipment and vehicles. CRV Hargreaves resigned his Police Officer position with the Deering Police in December 2011 due to medical reasons, but continues to serve with us in a Civilian Volunteer capacity, providing hundreds of volunteer hours annually while assisting and supervising our Hillcat Post #612 Police Explorers. He also is active in assisting the NH Police Academy with their Officer Safety program of instruction. CRV Hargreaves lives in Hillsboro with his family.

Civilian Reserve Volunteer Lindsay DeOrio, Radio 612-B:

Civilian Reserve Volunteer DeOrio began serving the residents of Deering in December 2005, when she was one of the original “founding” members of the Hillcat Post 612 Police Cadets when it formed. When she “aged out” of the program on her 21st birthday, CRV DeOrio requested to stay on in the capacity of an Associate Adult Civilian Advisor with our Cadets from Post 612. CRV DeOrio attended the NH Technical College in Concord, and is currently employed as a Clerk in Hooksett. As with CRV Hargreaves, CRV DeOrio annually gives hundreds of hours of volunteer service while assisting with the programs of the Post 612 Police Explorers in Deering and at statewide Exploring events.

Hillcat Law Enforcement Exploring Post #612, Radio 612:

In 2005-2006, Chief James Pushee and Officer Nicholas Hodgen formed the first Cadet Post with the Deering Police Department. The Hillcat Explorer Post #612 is comprised of an average of 8-12 young adults who have expressed an interest in learning about public safety services and law enforcement in general. Each year members of Post 612 provide hundreds of community service hours to Deering, Hillsboro, and other surrounding towns. They were chosen as the “Rookie Post of the Year” in 2006 by the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America. In 2015, members of the Hillcat Post #612 took Third Place overall (out of 18 teams) in the Annual New Hampshire Police Cadet Challenge Weekend Competition.  For more information about Post #612, please contact the Deering Police Department. Post #612 is minimally funded through the budgetary process, and as a non-profit organization (under the Boy Scouts of America umbrella), accepts donations to help fund training events, annual chartering and membership fees, equipment, uniforms, and special events. Post #612 is open to any interest young adult between the age of 14.5 (and about to graduate the 8th grade) and 21 years.