Town Maps

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GIS MapSearch for properties by lot, address, owner, abutters, overlay
Town MapFull map of town includes some planametric data
Protected LandsMap of all the lands protected in Deering as of March 2017
Town RoadsRoads in town
Base Map

Base map with updated 2004 data

Water TestingDCC Water testing locations
Watershed BuildoutSeasonal and Year round homes in watershed
Town map from CartographicsComposite map from cartographics, showing protected lands and parcels
Roadside CleanupRoadside cleanup locations with names
Hedgehog Ridge Trail Map 2016 
Coarse filter Habitat FeaturesCoarse filter significant wildlife habitat, map created by Fish & Game
Coarse filter Base MapCoarse filter significant wildlife habitat, base map created by Fish & Game

Maps can also be viewed at the Town Office during normal business hours.