Historical Society

The Deering Historical Society was founded in 1980. We are a registered non-profit organization (501(c) (3)with the State of New Hampshire under the Internal Revenue Code. The DHS is allowed to apply for State, Federal and Local grants and may accept gifts, materials and funds. Donations are tax-deductible.
Our Mission is:
To engage residents of Deering in the appreciation and preservation, for future generations, of the Town's historical heritage and through this common venture, to enhance the spirit of cooperation and to foster participation in community life.
Our Purpose is to:
A.  Identify and preserve Deering's historical record.
B.  Educate new and long term residents about Deering's past.
C.  Serve the community through activities primarily related to Deering's historical heritage.
D.  Inventory Deering's historical sites and advocate for their protection.
E.  Explore the feasibility of preserving the East Deering Church as a community center or resource and home of the Deering Historical Society.
The DHS meets monthly with meetings circulating at different locations around Town. These meetings are open to the public and may include a speaker talking about a subject of historical interest to members. The Society owns an historic building formally known as the East Deering Church, 251 East Deering Rd.
Membership is open to everyone interested in the future of Deering and in furthering the purpose and work of the DHS.
Our fiscal year is June 1st through May 31st. $30 pp 18 yr and older and $5 pp under 18
Members who pay dues in April or May shall be considered contributing members for the following fiscal year.
Special Events for Deering’s 250th year 2024 will be posted soon!